Nautical Chic Coed Baby Shower

Nautical Chic Coed Baby Shower by Monique Owings Mills, Maryland

Coed Baby Shower Table Decoration

Coed Baby Shower table decorations

I had a nautical Baby Shower for my best friend. Given that this was his second son and had the great baby shower for the first time, you wanted something small. I decided that it would make an adult oriented chic baby shower.

The invitation was made by me and said their having a boy Ahoy. I found a small anchor position on invitation. People were so excited. I went all out with decorations and rented two tables with Chivari Chairs (local renting company). I did the menu consisted of colors-red, white and blue.(Got all paper products to Micheals) I ordered blue even wine glasses (sparkling cider for MOM) and blue towels. The table of pie had spiral branches in blue and white vases filled with sand.

The cake was all white with shells and blue riband. I hung from the ceiling, the white paper latterns. I went to the flower shop and picked up all the flowers white (no matter what kind). I got them on sale-check your local florist that normally sell flowers of half price after 5: 00.

I'm so not a cook. So I ordered a full meal for 12 people from the restaurant's favorite couples. This was a great success! It also has three separate white wines.

We played only one game. After I received an RSVP's I went online and found the meaning of all is the first name. Their printed on separate cards and put them to the settings of the site. Each person would read the meaning, and then you would have to guess who that person was. Since it was a small group Everyone knew everyone else. It's funny to hear the meaning of your name and see that almost matches the personality of people.

For nautical Milkasa purchases favors Wine Stoppers. Wrap each in white wrapping paper and placed a huge red bow on each. Each couple was thrilled to know that it was something that could really use.

My friend said she loved her baby chic shower and she did hear again as an adult.

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